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Tiffany Mckenzie

Certification Status: Master Certificant

Certification Earned: February 15, 2021

Certification Expiring: February 29, 2024

Service Area: Alach/Lvy/Marion, FL

Date Learning Topic/Focus Area Source/Location Hours
03/11/2021 FPP Session Collective Impact - Powering Prosperity for All FPP/Six Pillars Broward/Zoom 1.00
04/28/2021 FDIC Hosts 'Restoring Empowerment To Women Through Financial Resources' FDIC/MyMeetings 1.00
05/04/2021 FPP Virtual Session: The Fundamentals of CRA - What Every Financial Capability Practitioner Needs to Know About the Community Reinvestment Act FPP/FDIC/OCC/Zoom 1.00
06/02/2021 “Using Edutainment to Engage Families and Achieve Financial Wellness” FPP Virtual Conference/Branches in Miami 1.00
06/03/2021 Transforming Community Collaboration with Unite Florida FPP Virtual Conference/Unite Florida/Unite Us 1.00
07/08/2021 FPP Virtual Session: Invest in Rising Youth – Strategies for Post-High School Success FPP/Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 1.50
08/05/2021 Florida Foreclosure Prevention Conference – Part 2 U.S. HUD/Microsoft Teams LIVE EVENT 2.00
Total: 8.50